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At Feather & Pout we believe that you should feel comfortable in your own skin. With glowing skin and perfectly shaped brows you too can feel amazing with or without your makeup on. 

Master making permanent eyebrow make up.
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Eyebrow Plucking

Eyebrow Tattooing

If you are sick of filling in your eyebrows daily, not sure what shape suits you best, or how to achieve it? Microblading, Powder Brows or a Combination Brow could be the answer for you. 

Feathering  is the term we use (also known as microblading). We use a hand held tool, which has tiny little probes, these are used to insert pigment into the skin, we can create a very realistic natural looking brow with this technique.

You can also choose to go for a powder brow, ombré brow, or combo brow. This is where a machine is used to mist over the brow creating a powdered look. 

Lip Blush- Kissable Lips Tattoo

Lip Blush is performed with a machine, it is a semi permanent treatment to enhance the natural shape of your lips while correcting the symmetry and adding a pop of colour. It can give your lips 30% more volume and will last unlike fillers. 

The results can last 3-5 years. 


Performing all areas of the waxing including Brazilians (ladies only). Using dermatology approved wax for sensitised skins. 

Back Massage
Long Lashes
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Relaxation Massage 

Relaxation massage is the perfect way to unwind. Soothe those sore muscles with a blend of botanical oils, flowing movements and hot towels. The perfect gift for you or a friend. Be pampered from head to toe with a full body massage. 

Yumi Lash Lifting and Tinting 

Yumi Lash Lifting is fully Vegan. This treatment will not only lift and curl your lash but also infuse Keratin and Conditioners to help strengthen and soften your lashes during the treatment. With a fully natural approach to lifting your lashes. Your therapist will perform a head massage during your treatment. Allow 1 hour. 

Chemical Peels, Facials and Skin Care 

As one of our most popular cosmetic procedures, these treatments have helped countless clients feel more confident and happier in their own skin. Using top of the range clinical skin care we achieve amazing results time and time again. Your therapist will chose which peel best suits you. We offer superficial, medium and deep peels. You will need to be prepped on home care for the medium and deep peels, which your therapist will consult with you on. 


Price List

Full Set of Microbladed Eyebrows- $600 

(Feathering or Machine Powdered Brow) 

Touch up price (this is required 4-6 weeks after initial visit- $150

Touch-up before 1 year (after initial touch up - $350

Kissable lips- $700 initial treatment ~ touch up $150 (if required, most people do not need this)

Relaxation Massage - $70 for an hour 

Yumi Lash Lifting & Tinting- $99

Waxing - POA in 

Chemical Peels/Facials - POA

Beauty in Natural Makeup
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"Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it"



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